Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bad bad blogger.

Well, it's true. I've been quite recalcitrant as of late. I don't have anything to excuse my behaviour either.

Though I'll try.

I'm going to be moving, so that's taking up some time.
Going through my old books and thinning them out. It's surprising how many books I've accumulated over the years. Books I don't read or use for reference any more. Books I read once and rolled my eyes at and set aside still clog my shelves (and the countless boxes) and I wonder why I've bothered carting them around all these years.

I do re-read books. In fact, most of the books I really cherish I've read at least a dozen times over the years and I never tire of them. Very often I'll be perusing my shelves and think, "It's been over a year since I read that...." and down it comes, off from the bookcase to snuggle in my lap for another go 'round.

It's the books I won't read again that I've been lugging about. I recently took a box in to the local second hand bookstore and they actually gave me fifty dollars for all those old books that didn't merit a second glance.

Now that's a good deal.

Of course, I probably spent over $150 dollars accumulating them over the years, but it's still a profit. For years I've had them, using them if I needed them, (and it's been years since I did) so I had my monies worth.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

And it's such a freeing feeling. Those things that I thought I needed to be tied to for all those years no longer weigh me down, no longer demand my attention though I'm hard pressed now to say why they ought to have in the first place.


I've never been a pack rat. In fact, striving against it has always been very important to me. That being said, I still have many near and dear things that I'll never give away for love or money.

My sword, for one.
Though it's not really mine, I'm merely holding it for someone 'til they collect it.
And Ted E. Bear. He's been around since time immemorial and he will remain that way if I have anything to do with it.

So there are things I will never part with. (Except when they that crow's wing I had. It moldered. To dust. Sorry Spider, I held on to it as long as I could!)

So that's it, so far. Moving and clearing.
But I'm still HERE.
As far as that goes.

Until I start moldering.


jmb said...

Well we do just assume that you are doing something more interesting than blogging.
I am drowning in books so perhaps I should move too. Nope, been here for 31 years, can't be bothered.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

I was about to ask you for a list of titles, to see if there were any I could buy off you, but the fact remains that I live in a very tiny house, already crammed to the rafters with books. Unless I'm willing to build a shed (heated and insulated, of course, to keep books safe from the elements), I just don't have room.

(great picture!)

Anonymous said...

Well you do know where to find me...I hope to see you soon...;)

Hagelrat said...

I am a terrible pack rat and have got rid of about 5 boxes of books during the course of the move, i'm still looking round the living room wondering if i could fit one more set of shelves in.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Does that mean you may need to borrow some truck space? We're coming soon...

Pol* said...

What an ADORABLE photo!
Excellent work taking the books to a used bookstore.... moving money! And less books to move too, sounds win-win to me.

I am SO trying to declutter, it is hard for me, because 80% of the time it isn't just my stuff.... taking the things away can cause tears of anguish from my family no matter how I reason that it has seen better days or never gets used. Ah well....

geewits said...

I'm sorry you have to move. I really loved the windows of your current place. I hope you find another great place. I WAS a pack rat and got over it in 1998 and have been steadily working on it since. Glad to see you again and good luck with the move!

Ms.L said...

LOL,don't molder on us yet!

Jazz said...

I'm not much of a pack rat either. Except for books. I have way too many books. I have to start getting rid of books or my floor will collapse onto my downstairs neighbor's head.

CrackerLilo said...

I've had to purge books, too. I especially did it because L'Ailee and I had duplicate copies of so many titles. Now we only buy one for the two of us. We are so screwed if *knock on wood* we break up.

I'm glad it's nothing hurtful that's kept you away from Blogtopia! That's the important thing!

Spider Girl said...

On one hand I was all, no, wait, let me look at those books in case I want some before you sell them!

On the other hand, I'm decluttering too, so possibly it's not terribly efficient for me to go and and acquire more things.

(And, as you know I know because I've been slowly making my fortune via sellling things on Craigslist, it's VERY satisfying when folks hand you good money for stuff you couldn't truly care less about).

limpy99 said...

You're holding a sword for someone? And you've been waiting for a long time for them to come and collect it?

I knew it! You're the Lady of the Lake!!!

Phil said...

Hi Tai! Long time, no see. You're my favorite blogger and I'm terrible about blogging or commenting. Oh my god, that picture of you in the previous post is just beautiful. Holy cow. I could never tell from that goofy sword pic. Anyway, it's nice to see you again. Hopefully I can get into blogland a little more often.

Ian Lidster said...

Glad you are still around. Missed you. Now, if you want some books to fill up that gap, please let me know.

Crazy Me said...

I've been a very bad blogger too. I don't know what happens to all the hours in the day!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Moving has never been my favorite activity. I moved a lot. I have moved hundreds of books over and over. I have wondered if I could select just 5 or 10 of the books and sell/give away the rest.

Dominic Rivron said...

Getting rid of books is always difficult, I think. If I take one to the charity shop, I always want to read it the week after.