Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dreams to comfort?

The heron stood, waiting.
My camera clicked softly but I still worried that the sound might disturb his hunt, might draw attention to me.

Minutes passed slowly, and with every click I held my breath.
The heron ignored me and I took a series of stills.

Finished, my partner and I moved away from the shallow pond and further down the trail through the woods.

Then I could hear it in the background, against the silence of the trees.
Yapping. Barking.

There they were, the two of them. Emerging between the thin trunks.
Wolves. Threatening. Circling.

Standing up full I growled and lunged at them.
I knew this trick.
Stand up and reverse the threat.
Gnash teeth and bare fangs.
That stopped them for a moment.
My partner stood by me, unsure what was required.

Looking around I found a long log I might use against them. Picking it up I hefted it in my hands.
It was light and rotted through.
But it would have to do.

Turning and swinging, I hit the the closest one square in the head, breaking the rotted stick but sending him scurrying away.
The second didn't seem daunted.
I had to find another weapon.

An antler. It was blood damp from the felt sloughed off.

I swung at the last wolf. And swung again.
This didn't make sense.
I should be striking it every time. The distance between us was less than a foot.
Then I figured it out.
This was a ghost!

This wolf was a ghost.
It had incited the other true wolf into trying to attack us. That's why all my blows fell false. That's why I couldn't understand why a wolf was attacking me.
Wolves don't attack their own kind.

Realizing this, I just turned and walked away.
It faded into the back ground, no longer believed in.

My dreams just get curiouser and curiouser.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

You wanna see my WHAT!?!

"I'd like to buy this lottery ticket, please."

"Can I see some picture i.d.?"

"Oh no, I don't have any i.d. on me. I left it at home. I'm almost 35 years old, honest! "

"Sorry! Come back when you have it."

I so do NOT look like I'm 19, or even under 25 for that matter. What gives?
Must be the zit on my chin.

Monday, April 16, 2007


As I exited the grocery store the automatic door hesitated so long I almost walked straight into it.

"This door is a little slow on the uptake." I commented over my shoulder to the two employees who almost ran into me when the door had neglected to react quickly enough.

"It does that to me, too. I think I don't have a soul." The taller man said.

I laughed. "Yes, that's definitely MY problem."

Thursday, April 05, 2007

But where's MY little black dress?!?

I've been looking for clothes to take travelling as of late, and have felt less than encouraged by the racks in the malls.
In fact, I'm this close to spinning around in the aisles a la fetal position chewing on my own hair.

Are there no reasonable travel clothes(I'm not talking kahki's here, I want casually comfortable, yet sylish clothes) that will be able to see me walk for miles and miles around Italy and then still be comfortable going to a decent restuarant the same evening?

My friends and I are going to be doing a LOT of walking. But I don't necessarily want to look like the stereo-typical backpacker (which is what I am) when I'm out.
Italy is the centre of fashion, the 'bella figura' is very important.

Love my jeans, and they will be accompanying me (even though every single guide book counsels against them, I don't care. I've always taken my jeans with me on all my travels and I've always been glad I did), but I want something OTHER than jeans to take, as well.

Ah yes, the little black dress.

I can't FIND one. Or, more to the point, I can't find one that will look good on me and that I want to pay actual cash money for.

To long. To short. To revealing. To dumpy. Won't look good unless I'm wearing heels. Don't want to wear heels as they are too inconvenient and impractical to pack around for a single 'special' occasion.

Don't the stores sell anything between 'whore' and 'gramma' any more?

We may never know.