Monday, May 07, 2007

If you go out in the woods today.

My dad and I went for a walk in the forest behind his house yesterday. We found a beleaguered old bridge, a lake and some very large trees.
It was a nice dose of 'wild' before a very civilized journey to Italy tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

To the opera we went.

Saturday saw WhatsHisFace and I going to the opera for Mozart's "Don Giovanni".

I really enjoy this particular opera. It is dark and morally pointed, yet contains some true moments of puckish humour to lighten it.
Opera Buffo, I believe, is the original description given a few hundred years ago to describe it.

I'll not get into the story here, suffice to say Pacific Opera Victoria did a splendid job of presenting this particular opera.
Their production was visually beautiful (taking place in a large 'grand hall' of an obviously splendid mansion) and thrilling to the ear. The principles were talented and delightful.

Was there anything to complain about?
Fortunately, the opera company itself is above reproach.

Some of those in the audience, however, coulda used some edu-ma-catin'.
Wrinkled shorts coupled with socks and sandals? To the OPERA!?

Simply Scandalous!

Far be it for me to suggest that white tie and tails are required (although it's a lovely holdover) but a tuxedo, and at the very least a suit, should be de rigeur, no?

As WhatsHisFace points out, it seems improper to show up looking less well dressed than the help.
And it certainly doesn't do the fine production any compliment to appear as if one was expecting hot dogs and a baseball game instead of a demonstration of months of practice and talent.

Am I being too fussy?
Well, maybe.
But socks and sandals?

The peasants are revolting.